Blood Moon Wedding – Alt Noir Punk from the US + Pixie & The Nightbird

Blood Moon Wedding is a road trip of horrors through an alternate reality. Set in the sprawling deserts of the United States, Steve and Mia find themselves trapped in a shadow world, where death and love are the only way through the gates of space and time. Exploring themes of mass murder, gun violence, and trauma bonding, Blood Moon Wedding is a dramatic commentary on the violence in American society.

Mia Dean is a writer and singer for the Oakland band Antler Family. She studied classical opera and performance in San Francisco with the great Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano, Blanche Thebom. She studied and sang opera on the great opera stages of Italy and Austria before returning to California to focus on composition and production. Mia Dean co-founded the Oakland Metro Operahouse.

Steve Lake is a member of the influential English alt-rock group Zounds, an English post-punk band fronted by Lake. Lake’s work is expansive and experimental. Beyond Zounds, he has produced and performed a number of spoken-word and multimedia events throughout Europe, including the Edinburgh Festival.

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Pixie and the Nightbird are an Art-Punk Emo-Folk Duo formed in 2022.
Combining the haunting beauty of Aether Valentine and the raw expression of Carl Philip Louis, together they create a mysterious and weird kaleidoscope of song & sound exploring the nature of love and loneliness in a world they dont belong.


Jul 23 2022


8:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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The Cloak and Dagger
The Cloak and Dagger Bristol United Kingdom BS65RB
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