Creepshow Peepshow: A Spooktacular Burlesque Show in Bristol

It’s October 2021….the nights are longer, the days are colder and there’s a soft howl on the wind. Shadows dance as they follow you along Park Street, strange creatures eyes peer at you from the dark waters of Bristol Harbourside, but you’re on way to the Cloak & Dagger and nothings gonna stop you making it. Why?? …. BECAUSE WE CAN GO TO SHOWS LIVE AGAIN WOOOOO!!!

So why not join us in the safety and warmth of Cloak & Dagger Bristol for a LIVE, IT’S ALIVVVVVEEEE (get it?), Burlesque show!


Fancy dress is thoroughly encouraged, although not demanded, and we’ll have tick or treat bags for EVERYONE – Vegan Friendly of course!

Doors are at 7.00pm
Show kicks off at 8.30pm

Tickets from

This next bit goes without saying, our host is Glaswegian so let’s say this in the most Glaswegian way possible, ” We don’t put up wae shite fae any one awrite?!?!?!”… which translated means “we do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, racism, fatphobia, body shaming, whore shaming, being an ars*holes in general or any sort of discrimination”

So get yer glads rags on, let yer guts hang out and get ready to woop, cheer and cackle yer heads of at the Creepshow Peepshow!

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