Spruce up your fighting thong and oil yourself up.

Fizzing with Bristol’s best alternative comedy acts, Fellanies is like a Catherine wheel that’s been let off in a tent (with slightly less burns).
Hosted by Fella, who Chortle dubbed ‘living proof of the power of energy, enthusiasm and charisma in comedy’, and man-handled by Eva Bee, as seen on proper BBC telly, your night is in deliciously demented hands.

And boy o’ boy, will you be treated to some stellar acts –

Annabelle ‘Bunny’ Holland – ‘irreverent crazy lady, murderess and mixer of viagara and rohypnol cocktails’, ‘had us in fits of giggles’ – West Australian

Marky Jay – ‘expect the unexpected’, ‘raucous fun’

James O’Donoghue -‘fucking awesome’

And there are even more to announce!

So get your tickets before it sells out –


And be sure to neck a pint o’eggs beforehand x