Guy Calhoun solo set

Guy Calhoun is one of Cloak and Dagger’s favourite performers, always a cracking night!

Guy is very well known to Bristol venues, performing solo or with several bands including Dub from Atlantis, The Good, The bad and the funk as well as the Guy Calhoun Band.

Guy performs a mix of his own written
Folk Blues songs, soul and reggae and funk as well as the occasional cover.

“Having grown up in St. Pauls, Bristol, Reggae has always been a big part of my life. I began working with a collective called Armagideon Sounds, playing guitar on Dub tracks in the studio and going to dances. For me all Roots music comes from the heart so it felt like a natural transition to move from Folk to Reggae. Funk and Soul have also been a deep influence on my singing and playing as well. It feels good to make people dance and to shred solos, but in the end songwriting is where I always find myself coming back to.” Bristol 247

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