Masshouse, FM Winter and Melissa Fear at C+D

On the 8th of September Conscious Sounds will be hosting Masshouse, FM Winter + Melissa Fear at The Cloak and Dagger.
Doors at 8. Strictly 18’s and over!!!
Please Bring your online ticket to the event as it will be scanned on entry.

Mass House-
A generous spoonful of synth goodness. Lashings of groovy beats. Seasoned with two chirpy chaps from Brum. Mass House will sure put a grin on your face and some movement into your bones. Bon appetit.

Melissa Fear-
Blurring the line between Pop and left-field Electronic, performer/producer, Melissa Fear, toys with the concept of the Popstar; chewing up and spitting out an amalgamation of industrial beats and sugary vocals to create her own brand of Outsider Pop, akin to the likes of Lady Gaga, Lorde and Charli XCX.

Hailing from a sleepy seaside town in Somerset, Fear strives for individuality. As a songwriter, she shares the the vulnerabilities of her generation, carving out a space for the kind of escapism that’s soaked in drum machines and arpeggiated basslines.

FM Winter is the latest project of Bristol-based electronic artist, Shane Perry who also works under the monikers: Infintium (ambient electronica) and Skunk Mullet (6/8 time electro-noise).

With FM Winter, Electro funk and techno bass is the order of the day, fusing old and new school science to produce bonkers beats with a twisted sense of humour.

FM Winter have spent the last year playing live sets which organically change with each performance. This culminated with the release of two 15 min mixes in June and July of 2022. Neo Dance Mucus 1 and 2 showcase the breakneck intensity of FM Winter’s live performances, containing 12 tracks over a half hour running time.

What people have been saying about FM Winter:

‘You sound a bit like Drexciya’
‘FM Winter is smashing it at the moment’
‘Hurry up and get off the stage, I need to set my equipment up’


Sep 08 2022


9:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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The Cloak and Dagger
The Cloak and Dagger Bristol United Kingdom BS65RB
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