This Friday we have our last event of the year. We’re going out with a bang with a PHAT XMAS PARTY ❤️ CLOAK AND DAGGER 7:30

Featuring a jam from members of @daturarootscollective , and @dannyburritouk to name a few, our all time faves @trymewav, hosted by the hilarious and beautiful @jerseythedevil and finished off by some of our CROTCH DJ’s you are in for an absolute mince pie treat.

We want to see the most extra Christmas outfits you can get your hands on, best one gets a free bottle of booze during the show.

Please make sure you have a negative Covid test before attending, message us if you’d like us to sort you one. We don’t want to be taking any of the germs back to our families for Christmas.

Huge love to everyone who’s supported us this year, it’s been a blast getting to know you all. ❤️