SUNSET FIESTA Reggaeton Latin Party

After our very first event being a success, big thanks to all of those who were dancing with us on the dance floor !!!

We are pleased to announce that we are going for a Round 2 of the Reggaeton Latin Party.

Lisa will be hosting and probably just dancing around.

We are going to start the evening at 6:00 pm with musicians outside the main door of the venue 2 guitars and a Cajón! This will be like Cuban style descarga where everyone gets to sing or like an open mic without the mic?

?The amazing venue will Have a BBQ on just for us!

? 8pm onwards there will be djs playing the biggest Latin hits, old and new, this will happen in the Carousel downstairs until 1am.

??We have a few latin Flashmob moves we want to show you, there will be dancers in the crowd camouflaged as partygoers, ah no wait that might be just me and my girls, you are more than welcome to join us on the dance floor and have a laugh
We will have our amazing Djs playing the latest latin hits and also some old school ones.

The dancers will be performing in the crowds this time ? and they will be running the night we also hope to get to know like minded people who love dancing as much as we do!

Dress code: Sexy Summer

In Cuba we dance from early on and I miss going dancing at 8 o’clock so I am inviting everyone who likes to move their hips to join us from 8 pm and dance till you can no more!