Food Menu

This was our restaurant menu pre-lockdown. To see our takeaway menu, click here.

– Bristol Loaf Sourdough Toast & Preserves – £2.50

– Eggs (Scrambled/ Fried/ Poached) – £4.50
Additions: Hispi Cabbage £1.00 / Bacon £2.00 /Sausage £2.00

– Poached Egg Avocado Sourdough Toast – £8.50

– Eggs Benedict – £6.50

– Eggs Florentine – £6.00

– Chorizo/Borlotti Beans/ Poached Egg/ Hispi Cabbage/ Sourdough – £9.00

– Blueberry Pancakes/ Maple Syrup/ Chantilly Cream/ Berries – £7.50 (add bacon +£2.00)

-Bristol Loaf Sourdough/ Crack Butter & Roasted Yeast £3.50
(Vegan Alternative available)(Gluten/ Lupin/ Milk) (Veg)

-Nori Crisps/ Guacamole & Chilli Crisp £4
(Sesame/ Sulphites) (Vegan)

-Umami Short Rib & Goats Cheese Croquettes/ Franks & Soy Foam £4.50
(Gluten/ Lupin/ Egg/ Milk/ Sulphites/ Soy/ Fish)

-Smoked Whipped Cod’s Roe/ Crudite/ Panna Gratta £4.50
(Fish/ Lupin/ Gluten/ Sulphites/ Celery)

Pickled Chips– Hand cut chips, Pickled for 2 weeks in white wine vinegar before cooking. Then finished with a Malt Vinegar Powder – £3.50
Pulled Umami Short Rib Dirty Fries- Crispy french fries, topped with a decadent shredded Sticky Umami Short Rib, then topped with Cheese Fondue, Spring Onions, Kimchi & Crispy Seaweed – £6
Fried Herb & Spring Onion Sushi Rice Cake (Vegetarian) – Sushi Rice seasoned with Sushi Rice Vinegar, Herbs and Spring Onion. Served with Kewpie Mayonnaise – £4
Crispy Jerusalem Artichoke, X/O Sauce (Vegan) – Fried Jerusalem Artichoke, glazed in Vegan Sticky X/O Sauce – £4
Hispi Cabbage & Kimchi (Vegan) –  Steamed Hispi Cabbage with Sesame & Kimchi – £3.50
Fries – £3
Cajun Sweet Potato Fries – £3.50

-Butternut Squash/ Cime Di Rapa/ Blackberries/ Black Pepper/ Sherry Vinegar £5.50
(Sulphites) (Vegan)

-Kohlrabi/ Plum/ Umeboshi/Black Rice Vinegar £5
(Sesame/ Sulphites/ Soy/ Gluten) (vegan)

-Pickled Fried Chicken/ Godminster Cheddar Fondue/ Chinese Spring Onion Sauce/ Chicken Skin/ Rosemary £6.50
(Gluten/ Lupin/ Egg/ Milk/ Sulphites/ Soy)

-Soy & Wasabi Cured Chew Valley Trout/ Sushi Rice/ Guacamole/ House Kimchi Tapenade/ Fish Crackling/ Lime £6.50
(Fish/ Soy/ Sulphites)

-Umami Short Rib/ Shio Koji/ Celeriac/ Beetroot/ Spring Greens £16.50
(Soy/ Sulphites)

-Pollock/ Mushroom/Rainbow Chard/ Sorrel £16.50
(Fish/ Soy)

-Jerusalem Artichoke/ Spring Onion/ Cime Di Rapa/ Radish/ XO Sauce £14.50
(Vegan) (Soy/ Gluten/ Sulphites)

-Aged BeefBurger/ Pretzel Bun/ Cheese/ Pickles/ Mayo/ Ketchup/ Mustard/ Pickled Chips £9.50
(Gluten/ Lupin/ Egg/ Milk/ Sulphites)

-Pickled Fried Chicken Burger/ Brioche Bun/ Cheese/ PIckles/ Mayo/ Ketchup/ Mustard/ Pickled Chips £8.50
(Gluten/ Lupin/ Egg/ Milk/ Sulphites)

-Jerusalem Artichoke Burger/ Vegan Bun/ Guacamole/ PIckles/ Mustard/ Pickled Chips £7.50
(Sulphites/ Lupin/ Gluten) (Vegan)

-Tiramisu Choc Ice/ Candied Nori & Sesame £5.50
(Milk/ Gluten/ Egg/ Sesame)(Vegetarian)

-Yuzu Tart/ Sorano Chilli Sorbet £5.50
(Gluten/ Lupin/ Dairy/ Milk) (Vegetarian)

-How’d You Like Them Apples £5.50
(Sulphites) (Vegan)

All dishes are subject to seasonal changes & availability

Please make us aware if you have any Allergens dietary requirements or requests

*All the photos are from our degustation menu.